Health and Wellness Services

At AFC Burlington, our team of board-certified providers and urgent care staff can help you make important decisions to manage chronic diseases, make more informed healthcare choices, and assist with preventive care needs.

Keeping healthy outside of the doctor’s office is critical to ensure that your chronic conditions, healthcare risks, and important health-related concerns are kept in check.  Let our team at AFC Urgent Care Burlington create the best possible patient experience for you and assist in any questions about your overall health.

A list of general wellness and health services we can assist and recommend, based on your current conditions or symptoms include:

    • Preventive care screenings to monitor chronic disease factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure (hypertension), and blood sugar level
    • Lab tests including STD testing, blood work, and diagnostic exams for illnesses
    • Physical examinations including pre-employment, school, and camp
    • Walk-in clinic access so you can meet with an urgent care staff member when it’s convenient for you.

Patients can either visit AFC Burlington at 90 Middlesex Turnpike, or call us at 781.270.4700. For the fastest possible service try using our online portal below to schedule an appointment in advance!

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