What to do to prepare for a DOT Physical

DOT physicals ensure that you can continue your commercial truck driving career with minimal interruption. It is essential to also prepare for physicals to ensure your test results are accurate and don’t conflict. But you shouldn’t try and manipulate your test results and accurately pass the physical if there’s actually something wrong with you. However, …

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Travel Vaccinations 101

Travel vaccinations are an important part of making sure that you are safe and healthy whenever you go on specific international trips. Many patients however don’t fully understand why travel vaccines are necessary, the diseases they protect from, and the process on how to get an updated travel vaccine. But what exactly are travel vaccines? …

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Dehydration Symptoms

There are three different types of dehydration symptoms ranging from mild to moderate and severe. When our bodies are losing fluids quicker than we are replacing them, we have a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. Mild to moderate symptoms include; Minor thirst Headache Dizziness/light headed Decreased urine output Constipation If you are suffering from any …

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