Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can have many mental and physical health benefits, and some may even be unexpected. If conventional exercise doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you may want to consider yoga! Having a consistent exercise schedule can help keep you healthy and avoiding illness. In the case you do fall ill, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Burlington. Our staff can diagnose and treat your symptoms, as well as make any recommendations to maintain your health. Visit us today for more information.

It can improve your mood and mental clarity

In general, yoga can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. The breathing exercises conducted in yoga can help clear your mind of intrusive thoughts and make you more aware of your mental state. The largest benefit of yoga regarding your mental state is producing an outlet to process negative emotions. This can happen through the consistent movement of the body that is created.

It can improve sleep

One study found that over 55% of participants found that their sleep was improved after doing yoga. 85% of these participants found they were less stressed. Sleep is often interrupted due to the constant stress of daily life. While yoga decreases stress to improve your mental state, it is subsequently enhancing your quality of sleep.

There are specific moves you can do at home that can help promote better sleep. Consider checking out these poses next time you find yourself tossing and turning.

Yoga can help ease chronic pain

Research has shown that practicing yoga consistently can reduce chronic pain. It can also help prevent potential accidents or falls due to an increase in balance and coordination. It has been found to greatly reduce lower back pain in as long as six months.

Those who suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, or osteoporosis have found that practicing yoga daily can help improve their quality of life. Many ailments such as these are often debilitating, so it’s important to practice yoga safely and give it enough time before writing off the benefits.

It promotes creativity

Since yoga has so many benefits to your mentality, it’s no wonder it holds benefits to creativity. Many students will enter a yoga studio feeling stuck or uninspired, and by the end, they may feel a bit lighter. Letting your mind wander like it often does in yoga classes can help you reach fresh, new connections or be able to approach problems differently.

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