Why do I Need an Immigration Physical?

Crossing borders for the pursuit of happiness is a 21st-century trend. Many people spend a lot of money and resources traveling long distances to make these journeys. They also spend more to settle down and sacrifice a lot to understand, blend in and appreciate the culture of the place they are traveling to. 

Immigration into a new country entails various procedures or requirements that are expected to be fulfilled before safe entry can be granted to an immigrant. One of these procedures which we would be looking at is immigration physical. AFC Urgent Care Burlington provides immigration physicals to all patients who need them. Be sure to call ahead before visiting to ensure our certified physicians are on staff.

What Is Immigration Physical?

Immigration physical is a medical examination carried out by a government-appointed doctor to screen each prospective immigrant for certain conditions required by the Public Health Service in line with immigration law.

Why are Immigration Physicals Necessary?

Have you ever wondered why immigration physicals are required? The main reason immigration physicals are necessary is to identify immigration applicants with inadmissible health-related conditions that pose health risks to public health. 

The people who fall under this category include applicants with no documentary evidence of vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases and applicants with contagious diseases that pose health risks to the public. These health-related conditions are grounds for the non-admissibility of these applicants.

What do they include?

Typically, immigration physical exams include examining the applicant’s eyes, nose, ears, skin, lymph nodes, and lungs. Often, a chest x-ray will be ordered, and the blood will be tested.

The doctors may also perform mental tests to evaluate the applicant’s mood, behavior, judgment, and intelligence. Applicants suffering from mental disorders and exhibiting destructive tendencies concerning these disorders may be denied admission. 

How Urgent Care Can Help

Given the gains of its structure and its efficiency in providing ambulatory services, AFC Urgent Care Burlington can assist greatly by taking up physical examinations of patients in addition to the number taken by the regular hospitals and other immigration physical centers. Such procedures as the basic physical examinations, mental examinations, and even blood tests can be taken up by AFC Burlington. This will greatly increase the efficiency of the services of the immigration offices.

Also, this assistance will have an indirect effect on public health. It will help the expert medical practitioner whose schedules are full of immigration physical appointments save and use their time more efficiently by attending to the more critical cases in the hospitals where they work.

To live a good life after migration, immigrants are advised to follow the rules of migration and show respect for the country of their choice by appearing for the immigration physical. This goes a long way to prove that the immigrant is responsible and thoughtful about the health of the citizens of the county he wishes to migrate to.

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