How Long Can Flu Season Last?

Flu season is one of our highest priorities here at AFC Urgent Care Burlington because it can impact patients for several months on end. Flu season can last much longer than anticipated, which means your chances of getting sick may linger into the late winter or early spring!

Flu season usually begins with the spread of influenza viruses during the early fall as more and more people slowly stay indoors and are likely to spread flu-carrying germs. Sneezing, coughing, and peer-to-peer contact are the most likely causes of flu contagion in a local community. However, the nature and resiliency of the flu virus usually means that it can last long past the initial season.

Don’t wait to get an updated flu vaccine and instead visit AFC Urgent Care Burlington for seasonal flu shots that help build your immunity. Because the flu season can last for significant periods, it means that you’ll want to get your vaccine ASAP!

Cold and flu season can last well past December!

Most patients may not fully realize that cold and flu season can extend through December and into the next year! Many patients assume that a flu shot becomes obsolete by the time December rolls around, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore getting a vaccine.

Any patient that hasn’t gotten a vaccine yet should schedule one ASAP! The chances of a prolonged flu season means that patients will want to get vaccinated as soon as possible! The vaccine takes approximately two weeks to build full immunity to the latest influenza virus!

Flu season may even extend into the spring!

The most aggressive flu strains can even last into March or April within Massachusetts communities, which means that the importance of treating cold and flu symptoms is more paramount for local residents!

Recently, a growing number of flu seasons have been reported into the early spring season nationwide, per CDC statistics. More and more flu cases are reported in March over the last 40 or so years since the CDC started tracking the length of flu season. Even if you think you’re late on your flu shot, you’ll probably want to ensure that you get right away!

Consider urgent care for a flu shot!

An urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Burlington is ideal for anyone that needs an immediate flu shot ASAP! Simply walk-in to our clinic to get your vaccine whenever you have time. No appointment is necessary and our team is experienced in a variety of urgent care disciplines including preventive care, acute care treatment, and even primary care!

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