Thanksgiving Traveler Safety Tips

For Thanksgiving 2019, it is estimated by AAA that nearly 55 million people are flying or driving for the holiday. As the traffic starts to build up and the airports fill up, it can begin to get quite stressful for families visiting others for the festivities.

As stress builds up, and you’re trying to get to where you’re going as quickly as possible, it can lead to accidents and other health-related issues. Injuries, illnesses, and accidents are likely to happen if hasty travelers don’t take a little bit of time to prepare for their trips. At AFC Urgent Care Burlington, we wanted to share some effective tips and techinques to ensure you don’t get hurt or sick during your holiday travels.

It’s already hard enough to get to where you’re going this Thanksgiving. So why not learn how to ease some of the stress of T-day travel?

Stay hygienic and get your flu shot before travel

Hygiene and flu prevention are key to ensuring that you don’t get an illness during your holiday travel. Whenever you are traveling make sure you wash your hands frequently, avoid dirty or contaminated surfaces, and avoid direct contact with sick patients.

A flu shot is your best way to prevent the flu virus this season, and is urgently recommended by public health experts before traveling anywhere this holiday season. Whenever you and your family plan a Thanksgiving trip, make sure they are up-to-date on their flu shots!

Take frequent breaks and decompress while driving/traveling

Whether you are driving for Thanksgiving or going to the air, it can be quite stressful to navigate the immense crowds and traffic. As drivers become more agitated, tired, or unfocused it can lead to a major accident.

Drivers should try to plan frequent breaks before and after work to limit their time in traffic. Sometimes, waiting until later in the night to travel can be the best way to reduce traffic. Stopping for breaks to rest also helps to decompress and relax during a long trip.

Additionally, flyers should try to have their belongings ready for a flight ASAP. Try going to security a bit earlier to avoid the rush, bring some books or a movie to kill time, and get in a few light meals before your flight.

Take your time on the road or elsewhere

Let’s face it: you’re going to get stuck in some from of traffic or delay. However, that shouldn’t be the factor that spoils a fun and festive holiday for the family! Take some time and be aware of dangerous drivers, disruptive travelers, and others to stay safe this Thanksgiving!

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