Who is the most likely to get the flu this year?

The flu is a contagious virus that millions of people per year. While anyone can contract the flu, some groups are more susceptible than others. The flu is also more dangerous to certain populations than others.

Below, we will dive into who is at high risk from the flu and preventative measures everyone can take to avoid getting sick. If you think you need a flu shot ASAP then contact AFC Urgent Care Burlington for fast and affordable flu shots.

Children are most likely to get the flu

Children younger than 18 are twice as likely to develop a flu infection than older adults. In fact, about 15% of children between 0 and 4 years old will contract the flu in any given season. That same subset of children is also at high risk from the flu, meaning that it can create serious health problems if a young child develops the flu.

Older adults are least likely to get the flu

The flu shot is generally offered to everyone, but especially important for young children and older adults. Therefore, it may be surprising that adults older than 65 are among the least likely to contract the flu. Recent estimates suggest only about 4% of adults older than 65 contract the flu in any flu season.

However, this population has the highest risk of developing serious complications if they do contract the flu, and therefore the vaccine is highly recommended.

Review these preventive care techniques to avoid the flu!

Even if you are not in one of the high-risk groups, it is critical that everyone gets a flu vaccine each year. Flu vaccines help prevent the flu from spreading, and also reduce the risk of serious flu complications if one does get sick.

If you are not sure where to get the vaccine, nearby urgent care centers offer the vaccine on a walk-in basis. So make sure you visit a nearby urgent care center or walk-in clinic when your schedule is open!

Additionally, avoiding people who are sick and frequent hand-washing is recommended to avoid contracting the flu.

It can be almost impossible to diagnose flu from other respiratory illnesses based on symptoms alone. If you suspect that anyone in your family has the flu, make sure they are seen by a medical professional. And remember that urgent care centers provide flu shots and flu symptom treatment for patients 1 year or older!

If you’re curious about seasonal illness treatment at AFC Urgent Care Burlington, please contact us immediately!

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