Common mistakes to avoid when addressing sports injuries

Sports injuries can happen at the most unexpected time and impact millions of school-aged children every year. The CDC estimates that 3.2 million ER visits a year are a direct result of sport-related injury.

When your child experiences a sports injury, there are three things you should immediately do:

  • Make sure the injured athlete is in a safe area to perform first aid. Additionally, make sure the athlete is taken to a nearby by urgent care center or emergency room dependent upon the nature of the injury
  • Get plenty of rest after experiencing a sports injury and ice the injury frequently
  • Follow up rest with treatment options including physical therapy when necessary

Basically, most sports injuries require immediate first aid and a steady regiment of rest, icing, and gradual healing to treat. But there are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to address a new sports injury?

Playing through the pain

Sometimes, an athlete may will themselves to “play through the pain” after a painful injury. This is one of the biggest mistakes an athlete can make since it will only aggravate a potential injury even further. Additionally, an athlete may not fully feel the extent of an injury due to adrenaline from the contact and physical activity of their respective sport.

This also ties into another critical mistake some people make when experiencing a sports injury:

Delaying first aid and treatment

Immediate first aid and treatment can help reduce recovery times, streamline treatment, and protect your body from further injury. When athletes delay treatment they can experience even further health complications. Make sure that if you or someone else has a sports-related injury they can get treatment ASAP!

Not participating in physical therapy

When appropriate, your provider may suggest that you partake in physical therapy to help rehab any significant injury such as an ACL tear. Delaying PT can lead to mobility issues, disability, and worsened physical performance if it is not addressed adequately.

For severe sports injuries do not delay in getting PT when appropriate.

Assuming an injury will  go away on its own

While rest is a key part of sports injury treatment, don’t always assume that an injury will just heal. Make sure you go to a nearby urgent care center for any acute, non-debilitating injuries. Urgent care staff are equipped to help coordinate treatment and make recommendations on the best treatment options for you.

Sports injuries should never dissuade anyone from participating in sports. Just make sure you are aware of potential risks and prepared to address injuries as a precaution!