Keep your Heart Health in Check for American Heart Month!

February is American Heart Month and is the perfect time for friends, family, medical communities, and other groups to promote awareness of cardiac health risks, including heart disease.

According to the CDC, nearly one in three Americans has high blood cholesterol that increases their risk of developing chronic heart disease later on in life. While the CDC is helping to educate the public on the risks of high blood cholesterol, patients can make sure they remain health by actively screening for heart disease, getting necessary treatments, and by changing your lifestyle.

At AFC Urgent Care Burlington, we’re doing our part for American Heart Month by educating the public on the best ways to prevent and manage heart disease this year! Check out the blog below on how to stay heart healthy for American Heart Month!

Schedule a screening appointment with a nearby medical provider or urgent care center

The best way to prevent heart disease is to perform routine checkups based on your risk of getting heart disease.

For example, if you have high blood cholesterol, diagnosed with obesity, or have high-risk lifestyle factors like a high-fat diet, then you may want to make sure you get adequate screenings. A chronic disease screening allows a medical professional to identify your risks based on key indicators including blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, diet, drug and alcohol habits, and similar factors.

Identifying your risk of heart disease can help your medical providers coordinate the appropriate treatment ASAP.

Address your lifestyle factors if you have high risk or currently have heart disease

Lifestyle changes are critically important to lower your chance of heart disease or better manage current heart disease. Diet, exercise, drug and alcohol use, and behavioral health choices can either lower or increase your risk of developing chronic heart disease.

The Mayo Clinic highlights the main ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent heart disease by adjusting several lifestyle factors. If you believe you are at an increased risk for heart disease try out the following tips below to improve your heart health!

  • Try and quit smoking or tobacco use
  • Reduce or stop regular alcohol consumption
  • Exercise approximately 30 to 60 minutes a day
  • Switch from a diet high in fat and sugar to one filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Limit weight gain by incorporating both a healthy diet and exercise routine

In addition, to cope with a current case of chronic heart disease make sure that you have a support system, counseling, or wellness coaching to help manage your symptoms.

And make sure to visit your nearest to address any urgent medical situations related to symptoms, screen for chronic heart disease, and coordinate your heart diseases prevention plan.

Our team wishes our local communities a happy, and healthy, American Heart Month!