Health Care for the Healthy

AFC Urgent Care is not just for sick people!

Does your new employer require you to have an up to date physical exam?  Is your child unable to practice with his/her baseball team until they are examined by a provider? At AFC Urgent Care our goal is to have you in and out of our offices in less than 1 hour-with a copy of the details of your comprehensive exam in your hand. If your employer or school requires us to use its own forms, we will fill those out as well.

Do you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam? AFC Urgent Care providershave had special training and are approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration to grant DOT certification. We are familiar with the complex DOT requirements and regulations.

DOT applicants with heart disease, diabetes and many other common conditions may require evaluation by a specialist in order to be certified. The staff at AFC Urgent Care is familiar with the required paperwork and is able to refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Do you need proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps or Rubella? Testing for Tuberculosis? Routine or travel vaccinations? A tetanus shot?

At AFC Urgent Care Burlington and Waltham we take care of these and other “Health Care for the Healthy” needs. Please call us if you have questions.