OUCH! That hurts! Fractures

Joey:       Bobby sat on my foot!

Bobby:    No I didn’t. And besides, it was an accident.

Parent 1:  It’s just a bruise.

Joey:        It really hurts. I can’t walk.

Parent 1:  I wonder if it’s broken.

Parent 2:  It’s not broken. He’s being dramatic. He just doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow.

Joey:         What’s doormatic?

Bobby:   I started to sit down and he put his foot on the chair on purpose.

Parent 1:     He needs an x-ray.

Parent 2:     No he doesn’t. And I’m not going to the Emergency Room at 3 PM on a Sunday. We’ll take him to his doctor tomorrow.

Parent 1:    There’s no x-ray machine at his doctor’s office. We’ll need to go from there to the hospital for x-rays. It’ll take all day. And anyway, we both work tomorrow.

Joey:    It’s turning black and blue!

Parent 1 & Parent 2:      What are we going to do now?

Solution:  One parent starts making dinner. The other takes Joey to AFC Urgent Care. Our experienced providerswill examine Joey, take an x-ray, and provide you with an answer in minutes. If a fracture is confirmed, they will stabilize and splint it. We will give you a copy of your xrays & arrange follow-up with an Orthopedic specialist.  Our goal is to have you in and out in less than 1 hour, treated expertly, efficiently and respectfully.

The first 22,000 patients seen at our Waltham and Burlington facilities averaged 45 minutes door-to-door! Joey will be home before dinner is ready.