What Could This Rash Be?

Is that a tick bite on your arm? A mosquito bite? Is that Poison Ivy on your leg or maybe a fungus? At AFC Urgent Care Waltham/Burlington we can help you figure it out.

Is the itching driving you crazy?  We have pills and creams that can help.

Do you wonder whether you have oral or genital Herpes? There are now medications that can decrease communicability and limit the duration of your discomfort.

Shingles? We have something for that too.

Maybe it’s a bacterial infection. Then we will prescribe antibiotics.

Our providersat AFC Urgent Care Burlington/Waltham have a combined experience of hundreds of years (it’s true) treating rashes and other skin conditions.

Wait a minute! Your toe is blue! Is that a sign of poor circulation? Actually, after careful and detailed investigation, it turns out to by the dye from your new shoes.

We have actually seen this. You can’t be too careful.