Month: October 2014

The Truth Behind Ear Pain

Like so many other nonspecific symptoms ear pain can be part of a viral illness like a cold, be a hallmark of allergic disease or be the presenting symptom of an infection affecting the middle or outer ear. The middle ear is the tympanic membrane and the bones immediately behind it. These small body parts …

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Asthma: Illness of the Lungs

Asthma is an illness of the lungs. When people have asthma, their airways (the tubes carrying the air in and out) swell up and do not let enough air pass through, causing cough, trouble breathing, wheezing (a sound like whistling with breathing) and, in severe cases, death. People who have asthma often have eczema and …

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Abscess Symptoms & Treatments

An abscess is a walled-off collection of pus. The abscess can originate from an obstructed hair follicle or sweat gland, or can occur due to an abrasion (such as shaving) or a break in the skin. Common locations for abscesses include the armpit, the back, the vaginal labia, areas of hair growth, the gums, and …

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